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How Children Respond to the Death of a Parent

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Web Resources


For children and parents


Camps and Support Groups for Children:

        Amanda the Panda is a support group for children and teens who are grieving the death of a parent or family member as a result of an accident, illness, suicide, or homicide. This phenomenal service offers support groups, weekend camps, home visits, fun activity days, school visits and presentations, pen pal programs, holiday parties, birthday cards, and notes on the anniversary of your loved ones death. These services are proudly offered and provided at no cost to children and families. If you follow the link you can find out more about Amanda the Panda services. This web-site also contains an invaluable amount of information for parents to help their children with death and many related topics that arise following the death of a parent or family member.

        Application to attend Camp Amanda click the following link:

        Parents Amanda the Panda offers an in depth Grief Support Library where you can find helpful information regarding many issues about the loss of a parent from both your perspective and your childs. You will find valuable tips to help your child cope with their grief. It will enable you to support your child by providing them with what they need and need to hear as a child. The link below will navigate you to the Grief Support Library table of contents where you can link out to explore topics including: General Grief, Helping yourself heal, Helping others heal, For/About Grieving Children and Teenagers, Funerals, Memorials, Cremation, and related Topics from both a mourners perspective and a caregivers perspective.

        Other Grief Support Resources:


        Amanda the Panda contact information:

Phone (515) 223-4847 FAX (515) 223-4782
1000 73rd St. Suite 12
Des MoinesIowa 50311

        The Dougy Center The National Center for Grieving Children and Families

        The Dougy Center was the original support group established in the United States to help grieving children. Since 1982 this center has served 13,500 and will continue to serve communities for years to come. The following link with guide you to the Dougy Center Website where you can find valuable information. There is a link especially for children as well as a link for an adult which provides them with information on how to help a child cope with their loss.

        For an Adult:

        For a Child:

        Activities for Grieving Children:

      Coloring activities, word find, finish the sentences, and drawing activities to help children express their feelings and emotions in a more creative and interactive way. Click on the following link:

        Helpful words from Teens:


        Kids Health is website created specifically for children which explores all aspects of childrens lives. The topics covered throughout this colorful and informative website include: Dealing with Feelings, Staying healthy, Recipes, Everyday illnesses and injuries, My body, Growing up, Kids talk, People, places and things that help me, Games, Kids health problems, glossary of medical terms, and Health problems of grown-ups. This web site in both in English and Spanish. There are various links which discuss death and sadness from a childs perspective which you can click on below.

        When Somebody Dies :

        Why Am I So Sad?:

        Kids Health also provides information for parents. Below is a link which will help you provide an environment for your child to healthily cope with their loss in

        How to Help your child deal with Death:


        Below is a wonderful websites which explains what children are experiencing and why they are acting in the ways they do after the death of a parent. This is a particularly good website for adults.

        Helping Children Cope with Death:

        Parents this is a link which explores many questions you are likely to receive from your grieving child. This site provides you with appropriate responses for your childs difficult questions.


Camps for Bereaved Children:

        Camp Magik: This camp is for children between the ages of 6 and 17 who have experienced the death of a loved one:

        New Hope Grieving Childrens Services: